About Rani Drew

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Rani Drew

Extract from “Rani Drew: the Feminist Paradox” Buletin Ştiinţific, XIII (Baia Mare, 1999), 85-100 (in English).

Original woman writer, in spite of her source of inspiration, problematising feminism itself and keeping it in the background of XXth century life in a multicultural  miscellany, Rani Drew is an excellent therapist, a professor, a scholar, a playwright and, the last but not the least, a stage director who knows how to share with the audience her inspiration.   Rani Drew is a complex personality whose theattrical experiment thoroughly deserves to find its place in the post-modern world-wide culture.

For over 30 years, Rani Drew has been writing:  poems, stories, a novel and plays.  She has also produced close to 40 plays.  Feminist theatre made its appearance in the 1970s. By the 1980s there were a lot more plays written by women about women. The stage as a public platform was key to making women visible and audible. It was in 1988 that she committed herself to writing about women. In that one year alone, she wrote three plays and produced them herself. The first two, The Oedipus Question and Sofia Tolstoy, were staged in Cambridge; the third, Women are Talking, saw the stage lights in Shanghai. Since then, she has written many more plays, carried out theatre workshops internationally and has overtaken Shakespeare’s total of thirty-six.       In 2016, she has been staging productions and contributing to festivals commemorating Shakespeare in the 400th year of his death.



Rani’s Dedication to All Poets

(for fellow poets)

If my hands were my eyes, nose or ear,

every sensation of seeing, hearing and
sniffing would give birth to a poem.

Visions would rise as the eye scanned shapes
sihouetted against the light and dark,

revealing the worlds beyond us.

Sounds would ring as the ear picked up cries of
creatures and beings, machines and humans,

giving truth to the many.

Flowers would bloom, trees would leaf as the nose
sniffed scents and smells of earth, air and water,

matter made word.



Summer 2004,
Xinxiang, China

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